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SUITE 720 Your Marketing Partner

With multiple marketing solutions through one partner,  you get a single managed solution for all your business marketing needs.

Suite 720 is the answer

We are a small business local marketing company that provides affordable solutions to help you build visibility, attract customers and “be found”.  We specialize in local markets and understand how to leverage the best online tools available, while still recognizing the value of traditional, offline tools.

The Suite 720 Marketing team has a passion for technology and a genuine interest in helping people – seems strange, we know, but we are genuinely interested in the success of you and your business and sharing what we have learned to help your small business succeed – remember, we are your customer too and bring that perspective to our solutions!

Our solutions leverage many of the free tools available online today, which will help you reduce overall marketing costs and long term general business expenditures. We believe that if you’re not using these tools, you’re missing an amazing opportunity.  Of course we also recognize that “old school” direct marketing tactics still have a place for many small businesses, and we understand how to blend the old and the new the right way for each customer.  While we cannot guarantee results, we can guarantee that without these tools, your chances to “be found” are much smaller.
We look forward to building a relationship with you and working together to drive more customers and more success for your small business.

Thank you!

“Big business may run the country, but the country runs on small business!”  Chris Farrell, Suite 720 Marketing Founder, consumer, advocate of small business and your customer.

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